Latest PS5 Dual Sense Game Controller – Overview

Latest PS5 Dual Sense Game Controller – Overview

Introducing the exciting milestone with PlayStation 5 with its new controller is something fascinating. The latest PS5 Dual Sense Game Controller captures more of your senses as you interact with the virtual world. The features and specifications of the Dual Sense Game Controller give a new feeling of immersion to its players. PS5 developers have worked on amplifying the feeling of immersion in the PS5 games with the new controller. There are a variety of features that make the latest controller a special one compared to the previous generations.

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Salient features and specs of PS5 Dual Sense Game Controller

The Dual Sense Game controller gives involvement and a feeling of immersion to players and developers with the PS5 games. These specs are designed to distinguish the Dual Sense Game Controller from its previous generations. Even though it has gotten some of its features of the prior generation, the dual sense attaches the gamer to the game like never before. Here are some of the significant specs.

PS5 Dual Sense Game Controller – Design

The exterior design of the Dual Sense Controller is based on PS4’s DualShock4, and it is by far the best design in PlayStation history. The differences this time are the two-tone design with a bulkier, more rounded look. But the thumbtacks remain in the same position with a touch panel on top. The light bars this time has come on either side of the touch panel and not at the top.

Haptic feedback

Haptic feedback is one of the new features in Dual Sense that was not available in the previous generations. Instead of the plain old rumble pack that was available in the previous generations of the controller, haptic feedback gives the player more tangible feedback to involve him better or her in the game. Haptic feedback adds more variety of powerful sensations to the player during the game—for instance, the slow grittiness when the car drives through the mud.

Adaptive triggers

The latest PS5 Dual Sense Game Controller has adaptive triggers for L2 and R2 buttons. These adaptive triggers give finer control. For instance, when you pull a trigger on the screen or pull back a bow to fire an arrow off, the adaptive triggers immerse the gamer more into the game.

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Improved battery life

Another massive step of success in the Dual Sense Game Controller is the improved battery life. How big or powerful the battery is, is yet to confirm. But the bulkier design and more substantial body denote that it is due to cramming up the bigger battery inside. And having a better battery life is fantastic to hear.

Where is the ‘share’ button?

The ‘Share’ button has disappeared in the PS5 Dual Sense Game Controller. Instead, there is now a Create’ button. What it does and what it is for, are yet to confirm. But this is definitely one of the new exterior features in the Dual Sense Controller compared to previous ones.

Built-in microphones

This probably is one of the best features of the controller. Having the ability to chain in-game and among other players is one of the best features that make the gamers really happy. You do not require headsets as there are in-built microphones on the controller. Especially when the voice quality of the audio is not that of importance, you can use these in-built microphones to communicate with the other players. Some people think that the controller is compatible with voice assistants. Let us see about that. But these in-built microphones have made a drastic change to the PlayStation industry.

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Final thoughts: How does the PS5 Dual Sense Game Controller impact the gaming industry?

Gaming has always been evolving in significant measures. Since the beginning, gaming consoles and controllers have been a vital part of many of our lives. At some point in life, most of us have used some sort of gaming consoler or controller. The evolution of consoles and game controllers is not likely to stop in the near future. Talking about the latest PS5 Dual Sense Game Controller, it is one of the revolutionary controllers ever to see the world. Even though there are similar features from the previous generations, the overall performance, finer control, and sensors have taken PlayStation to another level. 

It has gotten some features and specs that are beyond comprehension. Adaptive triggers and haptic feedback are there to provide you with smoother control when playing games, giving you a feeling of immersion into the game. This can be the leap of gaming history, with all fancy things in one.!

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