How to Find Your Career Path

How to Find Your Career Path

Do you remember? When you were a child, you dreamt about your future life in different ways. I am asking you two simple questions. Have you become what you wanted to be? Where are you now? Sadly, many of you are stuck in a narrow range of dreams, such as becoming a doctor or an engineer. Those are not exactly your dreams. Those were the dreams of your parents and teachers most of the time. It’s not your problem, it’s the system and the surroundings that you live in. There are plenty of professions out there. In order to choose your career path, you should realize who you really are and what you are capable of. Choose the right path which represents you well. Let’s discuss how to find your career path.

How do You Identify Yourself?

Take a break from your daily routine and just have a little chat with yourself. Sounds awkward right? But trust me it works well. Ask yourself these three things “who am I”, “what am I capable of doing”, “what is my passion”. You might not find answers right away, but your inner person will direct you to the correct path. Don’t be a person who works on achieving other’s dreams. Instead, find your career path and work hard for it. Never let others determine who you are. Identify the real person who lives inside you.

1. Who am I

Now let’s see how to find the right answer to the question of “Who am I?”. What videos do you like to watch the most, what songs do you like to hear, what types of articles, magazines or books do you like to read, how do you treat people, what are your expectations in life? That’s who you are. Your needs are created by the real person inside of you.

For example, you may be a frequent reader of business articles. But, you may also read articles about lifestyle as well. So, it does not mean that you would like to be a businessman or a psychiatrist. That combination of business articles and lifestyle articles could make a good marketing officer or seller. Or maybe you read one of those articles just only to get some knowledge. So you must carefully consider what the mind is looking for and what the mind says. But be careful. You can get trapped in the dream that society has created for you. So, don’t give up, search until you find out who you are. That discovery is surely one of the most important decisions you will make in your life.

2. What am I Capable of Doing

“What am I capable of doing? “ You might be good at designing, singing, writing or any other thing and there must be something you can perform well. You should find that hidden talent. We all have some hidden talents which make us different from others but unfortunately, we do not give ourselves enough time to recognize unique talents. If there are many talents, find out the best one. Or else combine altogether and create a super unique talent which totally differs you from the rest.

3. What is My Passion

Most of the times your best talent could be your passion. You have that talent for a reason. Once you find your uniqueness, ask yourself if I am going to start something with this thing ‘will I love it”. If your best talent is not your passion, no doubt you can perform best in whatever you do with the talent. But with the time you might feel bad about what you are doing. Therefor find out your best talent along with your passion. That will definitely direct you to unstoppable success in your career.

Make a list of your options

Once you discovered your passion and capabilities, make a list of all your potential options. Those options can be job opportunities, education, or business opportunities. Then simply analyze the list with current market trends. If there are options that are outdated, you can easily cut it off from the list. And match the options with your current resources. As an example, if you only have a few bucks in the pocket but the business idea you are going to invest requires millions of dollars, it’s pretty difficult to start it at the moment. You can easily move to the next possible option. But if you really want to pursue that million-dollar idea doesn’t permanently cut it off. Work on the next possible option until you find a way to pursue that idea.

Get the required qualifications

Qualifications are not just qualifications such as university certificates, diplomas, etc. Because every profession requires many practical qualifications and knowledge in addition to such certificates and degrees. If you want to get an executive-level job in a reputed company you need to have related qualifications and experience as well. Let’s think you love to start your own business. Do you really need qualifications? Previous job experiences? The answer is NO. Those are supportive only. What you should really have is the capability and the knowledge related to the business you are going to start. There are various ways to get knowledge nowadays either from books, magazines or the internet.  If you are going to start a business choose a path in accordance with your passion. Because it will direct you to the exact destination as you are doing what you really like.

Live in your career, enjoy it

Set a dream and living in it and enjoy it. As long as you believe in your dream and working for it, life will provide you with the right direction at the right time with right resources. Living in the future you dream of is a beautiful experience. Think about how you want to be dressed in the future, the house you live in, the car you drive in the future, and so on. Think and behave the way you will in future life. This does not mean that anyone who dreams of becoming a doctor should walk with a stethoscope. This means that learn to practice those your future qualities in advance will easily lead you there.

Instead of working hard for the dream, work smart. Divide the dream into parts. Set a time to achieve each goal. And wait till a dream come true in front of your eyes.

The question ‘how to find your career path’ seems easy, but it is not. You might have to go through different stages in life to find the exact career that suits you. Make sure time is limited and do not waste time working on things that you do not like.

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