Why Do We Need Freedom? – Freedom is a choice, and this choice comes with a responsibility

Why Do We Need Freedom? – Freedom is a choice, and this choice comes with a responsibility

When we look into why we need freedom, we get different concepts. This is because everyone has a different view of freedom. But on top of it, we need the freedom to speak, act, and pursue happiness without any unnecessary external limits. Further, the word ‘freedom’ refers to the opportunity that every person has to make decisions regarding their own lives, yet with certain restrictions. However, one of the basic human needs is freedom; it plays a central role in the social process. 

Why do we need freedom? -Importance of freedom

The real significance of anything can only be understood by those who have earned it or who have sacrificed their lives for it. Hence freedom is essential because it leads to better expressions like creativity and original thought. Further freedom helps in increased productivity, and it also helps in overall high quality of life. However, the idea of freedom is complicated. It has to be re-defined and defended as new by each generation. 

For instance, A child is free to be loved and cared for by their parents and other members of the family and play around. Thus this may be the idea of freedom to a child. Hence living in a crime-free society in safe surroundings may mean freedom to a bit grown-up child. On the other hand, freedom in the teen years is very vital for building up a good character and a stable personality. Older people may pursue security, time with grandchildren, involving in religious and social activities to be their freedom. 

Moreover, freedom of opinion is considered as an essential kind of freedom. However, in some societies, the creativity of the mind of people is killed and buried. That is because, in those societies, freedom of opinion is not guaranteed by the specific authorities. The reason behind this is that it violates the ideas behind freedom, which is to be respectful and useful to society. 

Apart from the above, the most baffling ways to punish a human when they have done wrong is taking away their freedom. When one goes to jail, his freedom is taken away. Thus this teaches the convict a lesson. This lesson helps the person to use their freedom correctly.  

Why does freedom matter?

To understand why Freedom matter so much, it is an ideal option to imagine how a life without freedom would be. To live with fellow people around you, an individual has to always a tradeoff between their rights and responsibilities. Freedom is the most precious right of any individual because it is the freedom that allows an individual whatever they want to do. Moreover, if an individual has complete freedom, it will get in the way of another individual right of freedom.

However, still, there are many places in the world where people live without freedom. Hence historically, there are evident to prove that democracy is an inborn character to humans, and humans will fight as long as they live to restore their inherent right. Historically, there is evidence to prove that freedom is innate to humans and that he will fight as long as he lives to regain his intrinsic power to be a free man.

Additionally, a new study illustrates that personal independence and freedom are more important for the welfare of the people than wealth. Further, it is considered that those who do not understand the importance of their freedom are prisoners of their ignorance and inability of such people to act independently according to their own will.

Wrapping Up…

To wrap up, the only thing nobody can take from us ever by any means is freedom. Hence we have great freedom, to be honest with ourselves and say what we like and what we dislike. Thus we should be grateful for the freedom we possess. 

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